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Learn to manage your personal finances and cultivate healthy money habits for the ultimate financial freedom and well-being with me.

Professional Info

After completing my Bachelor of Commerce in Finance, I started my career in the financial service industry under a Global Blue Chip company. Fast forward five years of hard work and consistent performance to a promotion that helped me relocate to London. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, so I put my FCCA (Fellow Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) certificate to good use in the financial services industry

After two years in London, another opportunity took me to Ireland, where I am currently based. I have worked with several Global Blue Chip companies throughout my career and explored the accountant and finance sectors to further my professional repertoire.

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A Little About Me

Born in Kenya, I was a sensitive yet determined child. Africa is infamous for its ever-increasing poverty and lack of equitable opportunities. I was no stranger to poverty and the cost of financial illiteracy, so I pursued a career in financial services and began to educate myself on personal finance related topics.


Fellow Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA), Financial Educator Training and Certification (CFEI)


Bachelor of Commerce in Finance


Using Financial Education to fight against poverty and Financial illiteracy


Empowering individuals and communities through Financial Literacy to develop skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to make beneficial financial decisions


Personal Finance, Financial Accounting, Auditing


Develop skills knowledge, positive money mindset and behaviours to help you achieve your financial goals

Why is it important to be Financially Independent?

Everyone has different definitions of financial independence, but in simpler terms, anything that gives you the freedom to choose and live the way you want is financial independence. It allows you to be not afraid of emergencies and dread festivities, celebrations, and events. It gives you the confidence and surety that no matter the circumstances, you have enough assets to bail you and your loved ones out of any financial crunch.

Being financially independent allows you to afford a stress-free life and indulge in frivolities and luxuries. You can travel to beautiful places, invest, buy properties, help others, and just be content with your life and resources. You can even plan an early retirement and live without a care in the world.

Financial independence, in some ways, equates to happiness.

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